Audio Visual Walls   [3 pictures]
Many companies are now investing in high quality audio visual suites, particulary in the boardroom, where presentations can be made to senior members of staff either face to face or via web link, and are individually designed to suit each company's requirements. Designs can include plasma screens, lecterns, storage areas for electrical equipment, etc, and can be either stand alone or as part of the boardroom suite of furniture.
Bespoke Storage Units   [3 pictures]
We are able to offer a bespoke solution to office and reception area storage requirements in either veneer, laminated or spray finishes. Storage can include cloak cupboards, filing units or shelving as required.
Credenzas   [3 pictures]
Credenzas complement the tables and reception area furniture, and provide a very useful storage unit. It is a popular option to install a small refrigerator in the unit for senior management offices and meeting areas.
Domestic   [3 pictures]
Corporate Furniture also undertake domestic commisions, individually designed in full consultation with the client.
Reception Areas   [3 pictures]
The reception area is one of the most important areas in the building, setting the tone for the company's image to its clients and visitors.
Reception areas come in many different shapes and sizes, with many different uses, and therefore bespoke furniture, designed with each individual company's own needs, is essential.
This is a good opportunity to incorporate many different styles and materials into the design, including veneered finishes, laminated or spray painted finishes, glass and granite.
Senior Executive Space   [4 pictures]
Corporate Furniture can manufacture bespoke executive furniture, from one off stand alone desks to whole suites of free standing or fitted furniture.
Tables   [4 pictures]
We can offer a bespoke table to almost any shape, size or configuration, from a small coffee table to a boardroom table seating thirty, in any veneer required.
The tables illustrated have all been manufactured on our premises and are all specially designed to suit the client's individual requirements.
Tea Points   [4 pictures]
Clients often require a high quality tea point area in their offices, which can incorporate granite, laminate or colour spray finishes as required. The tea point areas can also incorporate cloaks or storage cupboards as required.
Wall Panelling, Partitioning and Doors   [3 pictures]
We are frequently asked to provide veneered wall panelling and partitioning to boardroom and executive areas. We are also able to provide matching doors to complete the effect.